Across the Buckleberry ferry to the shire!

My friend Amber and I went to Farm Kitchen on Saturday.  She lives across the Edmonds Ferry in Kingston. Farm Kitchen is a sweet farm with beautiful grounds that does a farm breakfast every first Saturday of the month.  I was especially in love with the sweet pea rows in their cutting garden.  I want one!!  Maybe an arbor?Afterward I went on a date with Harry to Point no Point, Buck Lake, the farmers market and to Mora iced creamery (watermelon and lavender, yes please, thank you very much, amen and amen.) I had some very magical moments as I decided to try my hardest to view the world with glittering Roald Dahl eyes.  A little inch worm crawling on my leg gave me an idea for my book that I hadn’t as yet gotten straight, a forest full of fairy remnants like a tiny stairway into the bark (I took a picture to prove it), a carpet of moss and little white mushrooms, a shimmering golden cocoon (Finn later said there was a fairy inside), and a bright blue giant dragonfly on the ferry who circled round and round and round and round me until a little elderly gentleman walked up and said in an crackling elfin voice, “What is it DOING here??” Someone on the top ferry deck shouted out Expelliarmus! while I was descending the stairs, and a man walked past me whistling the rooster tune from Disney’s Robin Hood.  I felt like I was in a waking dream.

3 thoughts on “Across the Buckleberry ferry to the shire!

  1. My college roomate Whitney’s mom owns the Farm Kitchen! Pretty amazing isn’t it?! So glad you had such a fun journey to the island.

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