“her hair was long, her feet were light, and her eyes were wild…”

Last night I put together my first Creative Lounge.20120804-085059.jpg It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I was shaking, I was so nervous. But I swallowed my uncertainty, set up a little stage, prepared dramatic readings of Keats and Shakespeare, bought lots of goodies, and invited anyone I knew who created art. The result was one of the most beautiful lantern lit evenings under the stars I’ve ever had. People brought art, music, stories, little projects, scenes…we bared our souls and lit each other’s hearts! Brian wrote a song inspired by one of my paintings, Abbie did my portrait, people were brave and discussed their artistic dreams…I can’t wait until the next one. Hopefully one a season… John Donne in the fall? Dickens and carols at Christmas? Encore!!


3 thoughts on ““her hair was long, her feet were light, and her eyes were wild…”

  1. I MADE the blog (sort of). This is secretly the only reason I’m friends with you. So I can be famous through your blog. My life is now complete. ;) In all seriousness, this does sort of boost my cool factor. And it’s like a pinch-me reality that we are getting to be better friends. Which I love.

  2. And I am secretly your friend for when you become FAMOUS from your booook! Heheee! Pinch ME. I have so much fun with you, Joey. I love that I get to see you more this week!!

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