Today we found Wonderland

Yep.  This magic is real.  There are wild bunnies who will let you pet them, and elderberry holes ready to be explored…at Ronald Bog Park. (What a name!)

6 thoughts on “Today we found Wonderland

  1. The Ronald Bog park by my parents?! I haven’t been there in years. I’ll have to take the girls when we visit this month :) Love the pictures and your glasses and your sweet boys.

  2. Yes, Christie! I didn’t even realize it was until Brian told me. I hope the bunnies are there when you go. They were so friendly!

  3. ‘what kind of bird are you?’
    ‘well, i’m a bluebird, and she’s a sparrow…’
    ‘no. i said, what. kind of bird. are YOU.’

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