Monterosso Cafe by Bridget Beth

I’m reminiscing Italy something fierce today. For one, I have lots of left overs from an Italian feast we had with the St Johns last night. Lavender pear pasta, caprese salad, prosciutto wrapped melon, salami and cave aged cheese, chocolate torte with raspberries, pistachio gelato, and tuscan wine! I even bought a sunflower bouquet.

Gwen said she wanted to look like a geranium because that was her favorite thing about my Italy photos. She was a VISION in red with a pretty dutch braid and floral flats. And Gabriel talked a little bit about living in Italy for 3 ish years. I was so inspired!

It had me looking through my photos yet again today. It took me a few duds and exasperation…it’s so discouraging when I try to paint something and it keeps coming out all wrong!…but in the end I am so excited about the painting that I ended up with. It’s of a cozy corner of Monterosso. Walking through that pink and yellow and stripey town I thought, “I have to paint this!!”

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