This week we had a
deliciously spontaneous island adventure.  Whidbey Island has a fireworks show on the 3rd of July and some very dear family are up at camp leading.  I thought I might have a day at Langley, possibly spend some time on the low tide, sneak a camp visit in, and then see the fireworks.  It was one of those unexpected bits of magic around every corner type of days.

Beau had randomly stayed up late working the night before so he was able to come with us.  We hardly had any ferry traffic and zipped over to Lakeside in no time.

When we pulled into the main drive I nearly peed my pants looking at the beautiful flags beckoning you into the woods.  I had no idea the camp theme is Medieval times!  (I’ve been ADORING and reading up on medieval times lately, ever since seeing its beauty everywhere in Italy. The flags reminded me of those hilltop villages!) They’d painted the windows in the chapel to look like stained glass, put a coat of arms in the dining hall…etc.  So fun!  I wish I was going to girls camp so I could dress like a princess!

When we parked in the lot my cousin Jeremy and his daughter Talia were walking past and took us on a forest walk to see a nest full of tiny white eggs hidden in a stump. We walked through the mossiest trails, lined with linnea and the occasional banana slug.  I felt so Anne!

Jeremy took us to see the camp director and he very graciously asked us to stay the day and for dinner.  Happiness!!  And guess what?  They served SUSHI! (It was the best meal I’ve ever had at camp.) And then Finn got a fortune cookie message that said “boats and water are in your future” (The boys went canoeing).

I got to spend lots of time with my sister Jamie and cousin Deena.  Beau got to spend time with Jeremy.  Finn and Oliver got to play with their cousin Martin.  Including a real life game of Angry birds that the campers had created from scratch.

Oliver took a nap in the car when we went to Langley for ice cream.  (phew!)

We got a front and center spot for the fireworks and sat with the TCLers and got to eat all their goodies and snacks.

And then we caught the 12:30am ferry just in the nick of time!

A perfect day.

(Also pictured in my collage are some fireworks from the 4th.  We had lunch at Lucy’s and then came home to our street in the evening.  There’s lots of families with kids here and every year we team together to blow stuff up.  This is the first year Finn got to light them and he was ecstatic.)

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