Gilded gills

Finn has been asking for fish for a while.  I took him out and got some special gold fish the other day.  (And a sparkly castle and some shiny shells!)  They’re babies and will eventually be 8 inches long, but for now they look like little fairies flying around the castle so we named them Flora and Fauna.  They’re the new favorite thing around here.  Once Oliver figured out they were not for us to eat, but were our new pets, he started snuggling the fish bowl!

I have always loved that lotus tea tin.  It’s been sitting on my shelf with nothing to do for several years.  Just the other day I was about to throw it away and thought, “no.  I WILL find a use for that thing.”  Then this morning I accidentally broke the fish food’s plastic container.

Can you think of a better image for koi fish food?? Neither can I!!

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