Beau and I celebrated 9 years of marriage on the solstice.  For a gift I got Beau a sodastream.  It carbonates still water.  You can have it just like that or add syrup or fruit juice or wine…(or rose syrup for me and gin for Beau!)  Carbonated water was like an art form in Italy.  There they call it Frizzante.  I love it!  We even stayed in the hills near San Pellegrino.  Our tap water was probably from a similar source!

10 years ago I told Beau I wanted to get married on midsummer’s eve when the fairies were out and the days were long.  That June we tied the knot with red orange and pink lanterns, garden rose bouquets, a 7 layer chocolate orange cheese cake, and the poofiest dress you’ve ever seen.

Our programs had a quote from Midsummer Night’s Dream on the back,

“If we fairies have offended, think but this and all is mended, That you have but slumbered while these visions did appear, and this weak and idle theme, no more yielding but a dream.”

Beau really is the perfect mate for me.  He encourages me to be the forest sprite I am!

My latest fae excitement is this dress I got in Italy! 

When I saw it in a booth at the market I said, “That dress looks like a moth!”  I love moths.  All powdery iridescent and lovers of the moon. I wore this dress with my moth pendant the other night for tapas with my sisters and Brielyn.  It must have been magic because it was one of the best nights ever!   **I even got to meet Rick Steves while we went to Dicks for a fries aperitif!  I was so excited I was shaking.  I’ve used his books and watched his videos for every European trip we’ve been on!  I told him so and he said, “well then I’ll have a few of your fries!”  Eeee!

So many magical moments this month!

The most magical of which happened the other afternoon on a mundane and drizzly day.  Oliver and Finn had created a little fort in the backyard and they were playing sweetly together so I came in to feed Harry and read a bit.  The whole house was silent and I fell asleep for a few minutes.  When I awoke the house was strewn about with tiny wild flowers.  Finn came in sneakily with a few behind his back and said,

“The fairies brought them!!”He can’t know how much flutter my heart felt!  He is such a darling gift to Beau and I.  His middle name is Theodore, “God’s Gift”, and that’s exactly what he is!

(He’s also looking extraordinarily cute these days because he’s sporting a new mohawk.  All the customs agents in Amsterdam had them with their bleachy blonde hair and I thought they all looked so cute I had to cut one on Finn!)

3 thoughts on “Midsummer.

  1. That dress is incredible!!! Bridget you have the power to make me love moths, even when they terrified me as a child.

    Congrats to you and Beau, and Finn with the wildflowers–I’M DEAD.

    love, love, love, love, love.

  2. maryann: Thank you! I was pretty terrified of them, too. But they’ve grown on me…substantially!!

    Christy: SO cute! I wish they could be wohawk buddies together!!

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