tuscan fireflies.

“Warm skies, the stars are listening. Country night sings her song. Fireflies light the distance. Making me want to sing along,” ~Ruthie Foster

Our very first night in Italy was unreal.  I had absolutely no idea that fireflies existed in Europe. They don’t in the western half of the united states and I have only seen them a handful of times so they seem otherworldly to me.  When Beau and Dan first said, “Hey I think that was a firefly” my heart leapt out of my chest.  And then what came was like a symphony of sweet light, bright notes.  I think we got there at exactly the right time of year for them.  The first night was just a few flutters and whispers in the shadows, and by the end of the first week the whole hillside was flashing on and off and strobing in brilliant blinks.  That alone would have made our time there magical.  But it was only the beginning.

Can you see us in the second picture?  We sat there awestruck as it got dark and the full moon began to rise up over the hill.  Getting to be together and experience that after 6 months away from each other, and a full day of travel, was like a brilliant and comforting reward.

These images are Dan Roundhill’s.  Aren’t they amazing?  It is REALLY hard to take photos of fireflies.  You have to have a good camera and actually know how to use it!

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