espresso bello!

It has always been my dream to buy The Francis Illy light blue vintage espresso maker while traveling in Italy. And while we were at the market in Castelnuovo we found an Illy store!!

But they didn’t have blue :(

BUT that very same day we found something even BETTER! At a stand covered in dirty ancient Italian antiques, among pink chandelier crystals and fading paintings of ships, there were five yellow vintage Italian espresso cups! And a cute little sugar container to match.


Beau haggled them down to €20 for the whole set. I’ve seen them on Etsy for much more! Yippee skippee! They fit right in in my colors-of-Siena kitchen. And there are five in our family! Two of which were very eager to use them for dipping snicker doodles into. Finn is excited to use them for “tea tea” parties.

Someday I hope I can foam up their milk for them!

P.S. Next door to the Illy shop was a sports wear shop that had Castelnuovo’s jersy in it! Beau got a shirt for Finn and he was wearing it during our “coffee” party :)

3 thoughts on “espresso bello!

  1. oh my goodness…their little hands on those little cups-cutest thing ever.
    And that’s a bummer about the espresso maker. =( Beau does know what that means, right? Another trip to Italy. =) hehe!
    (and I will live vicariously though your blogging of it!!!)

  2. When I got back from Italy, I bought a set of tiny cappuccino cups and saucers in a very similar colour! You just have to bring a piece of the experience home :) Loved all your pictures, it looks like it was the perfect vacation spot for you guys!

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