If I can’t have a cappuccino, I’ll have icecream for breakfast.

first monday back. The colors of maps. Spumony ice cream. Purple peonies. A ruby throated humming bird. Wild children. “Harry is a handsome name!” Snicker doodles. A tea party with our new vintage Italian espresso cups. Pink corduroy. A documentary on caves. A new favorite cocoa butter lotion. A lavender plant. Dinner party plans. A book on medieval life from my hobbit dad for father’s day. Blood orange juice like we had in Italy! 20120619-071244.jpgWe are back! It always amazes me how suddenly life morphs back to the same shape. If you couldn’t tell we lost our internet half way through Italy so I still have a few back logs to post. They may be intermingled with the present. I’m sorry if this is confusing, but it is exactly what my spirit is doing. As I’m cleaning the kitchen a ruby hummingbird flutters past the window and takes me back to the market where I haggled for a pretty ruby pendant. In this fog of jet lag a wrinkle in time has kept me connected…hopefully it will last for a really long time!

3 thoughts on “If I can’t have a cappuccino, I’ll have icecream for breakfast.

  1. oh my goodness! I love all the pictures! I hope to visit Italy one day! You’ll have to give me tips before I go on all the “must do” items!! lol!
    ps…that is my FAVORITE ice cream. I’m a true Italian! =)
    pss…I’ll be praying for a good transition back to daily life!

  2. I do hope I get to go one day!…I really want to go to where my family came from…that would be really cool! (And I love gelato too…it was the one thing I “cheated” on (from the diet we eat to heal Keaton) while we were on our trip home from Mexico. Ok, that and I had pancakes one day…too many days of eating in restaurants and smelling them. I gave in…it was bliss. =) lol!

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