And then one day we went to Siena and matched everything.
I love brooding medieval towns.  Wandering through dark cobble stone alleyways makes my heart race.  I don’t know exactly what I expected out of Siena, but it certainly wasn’t to fall MADLY in love with it.  And fall deeply in love, I did.

For one…it has a strong association with the wolf. Remus and Romulus (the twins) are depicted everywhere suckling their wolf mother.  Is it a coincidence that we came to Siena with our very own twins?  (Fiona and Harry were born the exact same day in case you’ve been under a rock while I’ve gone on and on about it.)For two…its color scheme is that sandstone, burnt siena, mustard yellow, rose pink and seaglass blue that I LOVE.  The scarf I bought at the market yesterday matched the duomo stars, Sarah’s stripes matched the pillars, Fiona’s parisol matched the marble, my blouse and sweater matched the shutters. And Harry and Fiona’s hair was the color of Siena itself! The streets, the rooftops, the light…It was too tooo perfect.  I felt like I was walking through a painting.

For three…the food.  Sarah had a recommendation for a place called Zest tucked away in a archway infested alleyway with a view of the duomo and Siena rooftops.  And then I had watermelon gelato in the square.  It had seeds.  And tasted like heaven.  In fact, I said while we were there that I felt like I had died and gone to Siena.

On the way home we drove through the Chianti wine region for a sunset picnic.  I had trouble registering that what I was seeing was actually real and not, in fact, a picture or a painting.  I felt almost numb looking out at the expanse of vineyard hills dotted with castles.  How is it possible that I could be able to experience so much beauty in such a short period of time?  This place must be lived in and breathed and drunk.  Not just driven through with a deadline and a schedule and an agenda.  I will forever be trying to recapture that evening as I sip on Chianti wine back home.  To relive from a taste.  Can you bottle an experience?  Perhaps the Chianti wineries have come close.

2 thoughts on “Siena

  1. B, you are living a DREAM!!!!! so magical! love the bf picture too! hope you are having an incredible adventure, as it sounds you are :)

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