It has been a long slow enchanting day across our small revolving planet.  Over polar ice caps brushed with red smoke, through an air field of parisienne wild bunnies for stamps in our passports, a single pink rose for France’s mother’s day, onto an airplane straight from Indiana Jones to fly over a patchwork of Tuscan hills, up tiny winding roads on steep cliffs in a tiny car, while being dangerously passed by loud popping race cars in the middle of a rally…a stop for pizza margherita, vino, and cafe in a tiny pastel town…and finally to our own pink villa amid olive groves and vineyard rows where the twins finally got to meet. ….A lazy walk up haphazard streets for a dinner overlooking the valley and then a stroll up to the castle for the sunset.

And then the very best part.  Wine and laughter under the lemon trees with our very dear friends as unexpected guests arrived by the light of the full moon…fireflies.

Sigh.  What they say is true.  The Garfagnana really is enchanted!

(in the picture below) Ours is the pink one on the lower left!


7 thoughts on “Ciao!

  1. Living vicariously through you! And I’m glad to see I’m not the only mama who is often baby free while husband wears the Ergo. :) I was on Remax looking at Residential Farms in Tuscany last week. Ridiculously cheap. Who needs a first house when you can go right on to your second one somewhere in the Tuscan hills?

  2. The car is a classic Fiat 500 snugly parked in Barga. I would bring it back but, unfortunately, it exceeds Delta’s checked baggage weight and size allowance and its owner would miss it.

    We are driving a Fiat Panda. Almost as small but not nearly as cute.

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