Arrivederci Collins Hollow!

Today we’re leaving for Italeeeeeee!!!

I’m so excited I have butterflies in my stomach. We were getting the directions to our villa today and they were exactly the type of hodge podge Tuscan sweetness I was hoping for.

….over the bridge, past the wooden hut, past the wooden fence, you will see Santa Maria (the pink house) with a pool just beyond….etc


Painting by Pat Fiorello

Beau has agreed to be spontaneous and spend the night in any town we feel like spending the evening in. (I’m thinking of Portofino :)

But there is one place Beau has refused to go:

Me: “Hey. Can we go to Volterra?”
Beau: “What’s in Volterra?”
Me: “Volturi.”
Beau: “No. We are not turning this into a Twilight tour.”

That’s ok. It was filmed in Montepulciano anyway. And that town looks way prettier! I’m hoping to go there and hit a few hilltop towns on the way!

Harry is wearing a sweet little vintage airplane shirt for his first plane ride. It was the first thing we ever bought for Finn. It’s so fun to think I how crazy it would have made us to take a baby to Europe back then. But now we’re “seasoned” parents and the thought of having Hare with us makes me really happy!


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