Snake Surprise.

Tonight was a complete fiasco.
(I think I can compete with Maryann’s smoothiepocalypse)

We were having sausage for dinner. I went to our new Whole Foods for the first time today (eeee!) and couldn’t resist buying all the samples. Cherries, robusto cheese, and sausage. Everyone calls the store Whole Paycheck but I was proud of myself for refraining from a few more desires (pink peonies!) and managed to keep the bill pretty low.

Anyway…all that actually has near to nothing to do with the subject at hand.  It’s just funny later in my story…

Finn was weirded out by the sausage because he thought it was snake.20120531-215531.jpg

I tried to explain to him that it was chicken inside of a casing but he didn’t get it. So I decided to try to find it on How it’s Made. But I couldn’t. But right next to How it’s made on Netflix was Mythbusters.  So I put it on instead. It was the diet coke and mentos episode.  Finn flipped.  He thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen.

Well. Finn’s last day of preschool was today so I thought it would be fun to take him out to buy some mentos and diet coke in celebration.  They say “don’t try this at home.” I should probably have taken heed.

First, it took two trips to the store because I forgot my wallet.

But Finn’s favorite song was on and he was super excited so it didn’t matter.  It’s currently Nicki Minaj’s Starships.  Ha!  But I think he pictures something more like this:

Then this:

Sweet Finn said he was sorry he forgot to remind me about my wallet. “it’s my fault mama.” He’s so darling!

When we got home I wanted to try to do it the way they did on the show…with salt added.  But I didn’t quite understand that the salt all by itself will make the soda foam as well. So I put it into a bottle inside the kitchen.


It exploded EVERYWHERE. The ceiling, the carpet, the couch, the baby, all over every kitchen item, behind appliances, and unfortunately the tv is right there too. Eep.

It reminded me of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. (all the pink stuff that gets everywhere and keeps spreading)

I told Beau not to worry about it and that I’d clean it when I got back inside. We had a grand old time getting fizzy and exploding pop. We even tried it in our mouths. We were covered in diet coke and salt! And we were shouting and singing, “graduated from preschool, graduated from preschool!!” it was so silly fun.

Then I told the boys to take a bath and brush their teeth and then we’d watch tv shows in my bed.

When we went inside I found that Beau had indeed begun cleaning up. But for some reason he only used water which doesn’t do as great a job of cleaning as it does of concealing.  Then you find sticky patches you couldn’t see for days to come. Oye. I told him to STOP so he started doing the dishes. Then he broke a glass and it shattered all over the floor. Then Finn decide to try the fizzy explosions in the bathroom with soap bubbles, a squeeze bottle, and a funnel.

It was not a dry experiment.

And Oliver peed on the floor.  So I swept, picked up, sopped, and scrounged to get the house in a somewhat orderly fashion.

Then we discovered the soda had short circuited the tv.  Probably beyond repair.

I guess Whole Foods really is WHOLE PAYCHECK.

What began as a wholesome and delicious meal of “snake” ended in ruin and disaster.

But Thing 1 did finish preschool!
And Thing 2 discovered a newfound love of mentos!

And Finn said to me as we were watching a video of how deli sausage is made on YouTube in my bed, “mama…that was really really funny and fun. The candy and the pop ALL over the place.”

And he made a diagram of how we’re going to get the pop out of the tv.

The end.


4 thoughts on “Snake Surprise.

  1. Oh. My. Word. I can’t believe this!!! That DEFINITELY beats smoothiepocalypse by miles and miles! Fortunately your evening sounds like one you nor the boys will ever forget, and partly because it was fun in the end! I am so amazed that you were able to stay so positive–did you swear at all? EVEN ONCE? :)

    I hope Finn forever associated starships with the Millennium Falcon instead of Nicki Minaj, and that the TV magically repairs itself.

  2. *associates (it’s too late for me to be typing!)

    Oh, also I bought the herb provenance soap (and cleaner and dish soap) from Target and every time I use it I think of you!

  3. Maryann! I seriously wanted to die reading about your smoothie fiasco. And then this night happened. Honestly I didn’t swear. I was laughing so hard! And I was trying to make it fun for Finn so I was like, “Yeah! The whole kitchen! We made a mess! Muahahahaa!!” Beau on the other hand may have actually broken that glass in frustration and anger. Heh heh!

    I need more of that soap! I’ve run out of it all. I miss it.

    Saralee: Thank you! I blog to please!

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