Lucy and Kris

The photos from my sister’s wedding are up on Jeremy’s website! They are so lovely. They remind me of a modern day Arthurian legend romance. Here’s a link to them.

Seeing the photos was so exciting for me! It’s like reliving it all over again with the ability to focus on and cherish what I’m seeing. The day of I had no time to take pictures or, you know, make sure Finn’s pants weren’t on backwards! I sang a Joni Mitchell song in the wedding and had Mr. Harry to worry about :)

This was the very last photo I took on the wedding day:Sharon and a bunny.

Maybe I should have taken the time to get a picture of Beau and I dressed to the nines?!?!

I did manage to get a picture of the bridesmaids the next day, though.  (With Deena and sans Jamie.)

And the ferry ride.

And our family with our new brother!

And a blurry photos of some snails kissing.

And Lucy and I.


Sharon used to always dramatically say, “Eeeeend Scene”  when something has an abrupt and somewhat awkward ending.  (We met in Play Production).  That’s a bit how I feel about my wedding posts.  Perhaps I’ll recap in the future.  But for now…back to my vacation! :)


One thought on “Lucy and Kris

  1. you know, I had strangely separate friendships with both you and Jamie in my life, but never Lucy. These wedding posts have me in a vicarious relationship with her – what a lovely wedding, a lovely family, and a lovely woman she is. however, knowing her sisters, this must certainly be true :) enjoy your vacation!

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