“The land of wolves and outlaws”

That is where I’ll be in less than two weeks.  In a villa with a terraced garden, in the tiny Tuscan hilltop town of Barga, in the Garfagnana Valley (which literally means Enchanted Forests), in ITALY.  Oh and did I mention we’ll be with the Roundhills?

Hazel Mae eating Gelato.

Strawberry Harry and Fiona side by side.

Walks through magic forests overlooking terra cotta rooftops.

Sea side day trips to pastel colored buildings and emerald water.

The Venus De Milo in Florence.

Cappuccinos and opera and poetry and truffles and chestnut flour and vineyards are running through my head like a sparkling liquid stream of gold.  I cannot wait.

Well maybe I can wait…. first I am going to soak up my own little wolf and outlaw before we leave them behind. (Finn and Oliver)

The vacation really starts this weekend in Osoyoos with the Spiro family.  I am rolling the next three weeks into one adventure in my mind.  Kris gets to come this year.  Eeee!  And Beau works from home now so we can stay for as long as we want.  I can already feel the dry desert air breathing into my humid, allergen filled lungs.  And the joy that comes from being with my quirky, soft, hilarious, adorable relatives.  Kids everywhere!  I am going to apply sunscreen hourly to Finn and chase after Oliver and dole out snacks and stay up way too late and then wake up waaay too early with the boys (to snuggle on the deck as mist rises from the lake)…and then just when I think I need another vacation after my vacation….

I will escape to Italy!

The painting is one I did about a year ago imagining myself in Tuscany.  And it is about to be REAL!

3 thoughts on ““The land of wolves and outlaws”

  1. Ahhhhh!! I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’m crazy ecstatic to see you and Beau and meet the adorable Harry!!!

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