Wild Orange Honeysuckle

Yesterday we went on a rainy walk through the woods to the beach for Lucy’s birthday.  Scanning over the forest thicket and canopy I spied a pretty bright green vine with little orange trumpeted blossoms.  I was immediately intrigued.  I climbed up through the mud and thicket so I could inspect it more thoroughly.  From a distance I thought it might be a rare scented rhododendron or a rare form of wild honeysuckle.  My exploits proved the latter.  I am absolutely tickled to have found it, and you had better believe I foraged a tiny specimen of it.  A trailing vine with little roots sticking out to try to plant in a pot.

I’m so delighted!

It’ll be perfect for me because it has no scent and I have been suffering greatly from allergies as of late.  My lilacs and lilies have just about done me in this year.  I have a badly swollen lymph node that I am attributing to them.  This rain, though depressing, has been a balm to it.  And it’s warm rain, so it hasn’t kept me from being outside.  I planted my honeysuckle out in it and it felt like a tropical monsoon.

P.S. The painting is an old one I did alongside Hazel Mae Roundhill.  And I will get to see her in exactly two weeks!  Providence!

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