Dark on top and light on the bottom.20120516-091635.jpgI really like this style. So bohemian chic. I’ve had this look on the back burner of my brain lately and when Maryann said one style reminds her of Zooey and the other of Ginny I thought, why not both? 20120516-084805.jpg

Every time I bleach my hair I think of the first time I did it. I had the bleach in my hair and my mom said that that was what loose girls did when she was in high school, but that times had probably changed. (I assured her I was not loose! Although I think there may have been a few people at church who thought I was :) Then when I washed it out and styled it she really loved it! She calls me the alterer…always “ruining” things but then she’s surprised when they turn out ok. She says I cut up a skirt to make a shawl when I was two. I still cut up a lot of my clothes :)

6 thoughts on “Ombre

  1. I absolutely love this look, Bridget! You will forever be my “alterer”; fortunately you have the creative brilliance to be known concurrently as my “improver”!

  2. Ah! I love it. I was still deciding which color I liked best on you. I like it dark, but love the change of a little blond too. This is perfect!

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