In an attempt to lighten up for summer I bought one of those drug store brush on lightening kits.  It made my hair a lovely shade of red, but I was going more for Giada.  I should have either A. gone to Sally’s and gotten my own bleach and developer or B. Gotten it done professionally.  But the color is starting to grow on me so I may or may not use the dark ash brown back up dye I bought in case of disaster.  Maybe what it needs is just a few blond streaks?  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “hair

  1. when I saw on facebook you were dying I thought, “I can’t wait till she shows us on the blog!” I looked for minutes but honestly couldn’t decide which I liked more. The left makes me think of Zooey/Snow White, and the right makes me think of Ginny Weasley!

    Both look great with your adorable freckles! Jealous.

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