Garden Dwellers

I have the extremely fortunate circumstance of being smitten by the same types of woodland florals as Beau’s mom.  It is with great delight and glee that we venture to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden together.  Did you know they have a plethora of sweet smelling ones that will whisk you deep into the tropics?  Tall spindly ones with trunks that twist? Short shrubby ones that have names like “Yaku Fairy?” Ones with individual flowers that look so much like bells you’ll want to pick them off and ring them?

And the beauty of the forest flowers they’ve planted around them is like walking through fern gully.  I know I use the word magical in excess but that’s exactly what it is.

Here is a pretty accurate picture of what it’s like to get My two year old Ewok to leave his favorite parts of the Rhododendron garden:

Who, me??

Yes you.

Oh.  He he.

I love all the new things they’re installing and planting there. (a new conservatory, an alpine garden, a stump garden, the bonsai exhibition, the green pond..)  I may go back in a couple weeks because after the rhodies are done the Himalayan blue poppy meadow will be in full bloom.  That will be a great time to go!  Here’s a recent article about them in the Seattle Times.

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