Fireflies by Bridget Beth

This is a tribute to Juliana!  She told me she went chasing fireflies the other day and thought of me.  I wish we had fireflies here SO badly!  I feel like there’s something missing from my childhood because I never got to pretend they were fairies and catch them in jars.

I think I may take the older boys to visit Juls’ family in West Virgina next firefly season.  I know Finn would flip!  He’s been asking me about what is in “our world” and what is not.  The other day he asked me if whales were in our world.  He got so wide eyed when I said YES!  Fireflies would make his brain implode.  And little Barec and Oliver are about the same age!  You’ve no idea how many days I wish we could be having a play date!

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