Beatrix and sage

I love sage.  Its fuzzy leaves always make me think of bunny ears.

Today I’m wearing the sage Anthro dress that Beau gave me for my birthday last year, (I love how it brings out my green eyes and freckles), and I’m also using sage in my cooking.  I’m making brown sugar and balsamic glazed pork loin.  It’s been in the crock pot for four hours and the smell alone is enough to give me dreams of underground bunny mothers homemaking stew and blackberry pies.

I’ve been feeling like Beatrix Potter.  I not only feel as though we have similar names (Bridget Collins), but I am finding myself surrounded by more and more of the same things she must have been surrounded by. All of the paintings in the above collage are by her, and the following is why I’ve added them:

1.In Langley there was a little family of bunnies living in a thicket just before the turn off to our beach house.  There were three little baby bunnies the size of my palm.  YOU GUYS.  I could have died they were so cute.  I wish I had a picture of the actual ones, but they were so scampery and fast.  You’ll have to just live with the little ewok ones I found a picture of in google images :)

2. Today I went out to scrounge for more little morsels to put into jars and found a bunch of brown toadstools with white spots growing up among the moss.  But the poor things have all lost their heads.  I saw Finn out there with a stick whacking at things.  As long as it’s the bracken and not his brother, I don’t mind!

3. And to my absolute delight my parents neighbors have been out in bee keeper outfits installing hives.  They have acquired Italian honey bees!  I DO so hope I will get to have some of their honey.  I wonder if it will taste like my mothers rose garden! And those neighbors even have a slate fence like in the Lake District where Beatrix was from.  Sigh!

I wish I could take time and focus on painting the world around me the way that Beatrix did.  But then I remember that Peter Rabbit and all the others were like her children.  And right now I have the ephemeral beauty and fuzziness of my own children.  Harry’s little auburn pelt (which, yes, is turning my mother’s color in the sun…happiness!!) and bright forget-me-not eyes will not last forever.

Every moment I feel as though I wish I had time…I’m going to remember to cherish my own little Hare.

Q4U: Who do you feel like today?  or What herbs do you love?

5 thoughts on “Beatrix and sage

  1. Oh my gosh! I just clicked over on that recipe because it sounds TO DIE FOR and that’s my friend Christina’s blog! Too fun :)

    Harry’s blue eyes are amazing too, btw! Loving all your pictures lately!

  2. Lissa: me too! How fun to have a garden of herbs! I’ve grown thyme and mint but someday I want to have a deck full of pots of all different kinds!

    Christie: no way! That’s so funny. Small world :) Such a compliment to have you like my pictures. Yours are amazing!

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