You know you really love someone

When their great joy brings you great joy.

This blog post made me cry with happiness. After being an extraordinarily smart barista for 10 years, Sharon has landed a senior corporate accounting position.

I love this girl to no end. She is the kindest, sweetest, most selfless person I know. She says she’s been given much, but that sentiment is only a testament to how grateful she is. Being friends with Sharon has taught me so much about delighting in simple treasures, the power of poetry and pros, spontaneous adventure, being sweet even when nothing in the whole world seems to be going well…..and looking really cute. She is a friend to whoever happens to be in front of her. I am so lucky to have been in front of her so much!

Sharon and I headed for Whidbey Island c. 1999

Sharon and I on Whidbey Island the morning of Lucy’s wedding. (I had to get ready early for pictures).

Sharon and Sean stayed with us in the beach house the whole wedding weekend so they could help with the boys. They watched the kids during the rehearsal dinner, then Sharon held Harry during the wedding and gave the boys m&m’s to make them stay put in the front row. TRUE FRIEND, right there!

(m&m’s of course did not keep Oliver from coming up to us, exploring the garden, and destroying a few flowers, though! Oops!)

2 thoughts on “You know you really love someone

  1. I swear it, you are my number one cheerleader in life :). I loved the two pics of us from Whidbey. Thank you for this little cyber celebration. Love you ALWAYS!

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