La lune

The moon is its biggest and brightest tonight. I feel as though I’ve been waxing along with it this week. I’ve been having such high emotional tides! But the warm, sunny weather forecast is sure to do me some good. And I can tell there is a shift happening with my postpartum self. All my big beautiful, full hair that I didn’t shed during the last year started falling out a couple days ago. And although I had a good cry at the shock of it, I know it’s a sign of some normalcy beginning. It always happens about three months out for me.

I think the moon and I are both ready to wane.

(pictures taken with my phone, from inside the car…so you can imagine how big and bright it was in person!)

One thought on “La lune

  1. B!!! My hair is falling out too. By the clump fulls. It’s been really depressing for me and I find myself wishing for the pregnant hair again. But so thankful to have made it to the three month mark. I love the 3 month mark! Their smiles and giggles and beginning to sit up. Oh, man. One more month and we could start them on bananas (eek! Really!!?) maybe time doesn’t need to go quite that fast ;)

    Though along w my hair falling out i do feel quite more emotional than normal. Yuck.

    Hang in there. LOVE your pictures! And you!

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