millions of muses muttering in my mind.

Forest Wedding By Bridget Beth

My inspiration for this one came from the following things….

1. The tiny leaves budding in the poplars against chartreuse maples at Fireseed Catering.  The upper left picture of the collage is where I stood for Lucy’s wedding.  I loved the layers of trees.  They look like scenery for a fairytale play.  I hope to work more on paintings of them.  I love the white on green and for this painting I used white acrylic on watercolor.

2. Beneath the Trees by Linda Kim.  I am so enamored with her work!  I just discovered her website and went ape over her creativity and colors.  She uses acrylic on canvas and it makes me want to switch mediums!

3. Fairy Wedding by Harry Clarke.  I love the moon on purple, the different kinds of shrubs, and how small the couple look underneath it all.  And the swallow!  So pretty. It reminds me of The Never Ending Story, the book.  (The book and the movie are very different from each other.)

4. Lucy and Kris!

2 thoughts on “millions of muses muttering in my mind.

  1. Amazing! I love the painting, B!!
    You won’t believe this, but I just bought a box of cards with prints by Harry Clarke! So phantastic! Not surprised at all that you are enamoured with him! xoxo

  2. I’m so glad you like it, Lu! That’s crazy. I didn’t even know who Harry Clarke was. I just looked up “fairy wedding” and this came up. But it’s no wonder. You are living a fairy tale!!

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