“There are delightful possibilities in ferns
and mosses and woodsy things,” ~Lucy Maude Montgomery

Do you ever meet someone and think, this is a kindred spirit, straight away? I did when I met Lucy and Kris’ wedding florist. She was like a little fairy god mother creating beauty in the barn. I was immediately entranced by the woodland sweetness of her works and told her so. She was enamored with Harry and we got to talking a bit. She said, “haven’t you always wanted to be a woodland fairy princess?”

Why yes! That isn’t something someone often asks a 29 year old mother of three boys. How could she tell? And she asked, “Do you like Trillium?”20120502-145516.jpg

I do! I told her it was my favorite flower when I was a child and would search for it in the forest. And that I happened to just sew some trillium curtains for my house! She told me it was her birthday that Wednesday and that she was going to go to the forest with friends to go searching for trillium. (it’s very rare and illegal to pick because it’s endangered here.) “Isn’t it the most magical flower, with its three leaves?” she asked.


And so when Wednesday came I was still thinking of her and her magic. And I went out into my very mossy, bracken filled backyard to collect a few specimens. And what did I find?


I planted it years ago. And this year, during the magic of Lucy’s wedding, the newborness of my 3rd baby, and on a fairy god mother’s birthday…it finally decided to grow. Or maybe she sent it to me to turn me into a woodland fairy princess…

Bippity boppity boo!

Now I just need to wait and see if a flower sprouts too. That would make my life!


Speaking of gardens and Fairy god mothers who turn rags into pretty dresses…. this dress showed up on mod cloth today. Have mercy! It’s called Hobby Hour Dress.

From the description: “Whether you’re building a birdhouse, sewing up a new skirt, or pressing petals from the garden, you always take some time out of your busy day to hone your craft.” Says to wear it with a cute belt and red shoes. I have those! AND I’m an avid hobbyist! I bet I could find similar fabric for less than $217.99 :)

Have you ever pressed petals before? I have in journals and books but I can never seem to get them just right. (Save for my framed Scottish four leaf clover!) Here’s a pretty pic from my meadow pinboard on pinterest. I wish I could achieve something like this! The bleeding hearts are fantastic.

I had a dream I had to find a spiky blue flower for a quest last night. Everyone in the wedding party was with me in some sort of Dark Crystal type adventure. My brain is just FILLED with this type of stuff right now! So many muses!

Aaaaand do you need to see a cute picture of Hare?



Q4U: what’s blooming near you right now?

3 thoughts on “Trillium.

  1. my dad is in love with trillium – you can go down the street one afternoon and look through his garden if you want, i’m sure he wouldn’t mind :) and i just discovered that my neighbor has the BIGGEST deep purple trillium ever. the leaves are each the size of my palm, and she has about 8 sq feet of her bed covered in this sprawling delight! i almost died it was so lovely!
    ps harry is so to die for precious, and you are so great at keeping up your blog with 3 littles!! I can only read others, I can’t even remember the last time I posted!

  2. Oh my goodness, Liz! I would LOVE to see purple trillium! I’ve only ever seen pictures. It sounds so pretty!

    And, um, I think you can give yourself a break about your blog! You are after all a mom AND in school! Good grief.

    Honestly, though, blogging is like breathing for me. If they didn’t exist I’d probably have journals filled with words and pictures instead!

    Love you! And I LOVE that you love Trillium, too!

  3. i’m feeling pretty magical after reading this. i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much time i used to spend outside as a child and how much i miss it…all of my favorite little flowers, leaves, insects, etc. i’ve got some pretty good ferns and forget-me-nots in my old bible from dreamy camp days…and one thistle that still smells mossy and sweet, even 18 years later!! (we were all obsessed with braveheart at the time.) right now our garden path is lined with bluebells and one GIANT dandelion! i keep thinking of Jo march running out of the house after the professor at the very end of ‘little women.’

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