The siren and the sea king.

I get extraordinarily nervous speaking or singing in front of people (as myself, not as a character in a play) and so I opted out of giving a speech at the wedding.  But I did read a speech at the mermaid bridal shower.  I thought I would post it here because people like my dad, Beau, and Kris didn’t get to hear it.  And I didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t love Lucy so very very much!


The moon is full today.  Moonlight seems the perfect accompaniment to saying something about you.  First I would like to read a sonnet by Pablo Neruda that is so Lucy it seems he must have been writing it to you from the past.

Sonnet 34 (You are the daughter of the sea)
You are the daughter of the sea, oregano’s first cousin.
Swimmer, your body is pure as the water;
cook, your blood is quick as the soil.
Everything you do is full of flowers, rich with the earth.

Your eyes go out toward the water, and the waves rise;
your hands go out to the earth and the seeds swell;
you know the deep essence of water and the earth,
conjoined in you like a formula for clay.

Naiad: cut your body into turquoise pieces,
they will bloom resurrected in the kitchen.
This is how you become everything that lives.
And so at last, you sleep, in the circle of my arms
that push back the shadows so that you can rest–
vegetables, seaweed, herbs: the foam of your dreams.


Your spirit so beautifully and magically captures the spirit of the sea, and the spirit of a garden. I cannot think of a better combination than a garden wedding and a sea themed shower that encompasses who you are. I always think of you when I see the first May rose buds or a bit of aqua sea glass peeking up from the sand.  You marry the two so beautifully.  And isn’t that what marriage is?  Two wholly different creatures being true to themselves, and loving the other all the more because of it.  You and Kris encapsulate so much beauty individually. I can only imagine the sweet result when the two of you are made one.

I have adored your recent discovery of cooking and the pictures you post of your vegetables. They join a myriad of emotions and memories that have been conjured during your engagement, similar to this poem. The bright colors against your blue tile kitchen, remembrances of walking along caribbean waters with you, and dreaming of romance.  The essence of delight and magic in the very air we are breathing this spring. Everything is blooming for you.  This is your hour, shining so bright, and perfectly placed.

Psalm 33 says that God gathers the sea into jars.  That the starry hosts were made by the breath of his mouth.  And that the purposes of his heart stand firm forever.  I know that you and Kris are a purpose of His heart.  That like the sea, he has gathered you up.  That like the stars, he has breathed your love.

I have one more poem I want to read.  It’s lengthy, so I’ll only read the end. It’s about a mermaid who is waiting for someone to marry her.  Scads of mermen suitors try to take her, but she holds firm for the right one. (does that sound familiar?) But when the right one does come, it is worth the wait, for he is the KING of the sea.  I think that’s you and Kris, Lu.  A siren and a sea King.

The Mermaid
by Alfred Lord Tennyson, written in 1830

They would sue me, and woo me, and flatter me,
In the purple twilights under the sea;
But the king of them all would carry me,
Woo me, and win me, and marry me,
In the branching jaspers under the sea;
Then all the dry pied things that be
In the hueless mosses under the sea
Would curl round my silver feet silently,
All looking up for the love of me.
And if I should carol aloud, from aloft
All things that are forked, and horned, and soft
Would lean out from the hollow sphere of the sea,
All looking down for the love of me.

P.S. Lucy’s dear friend Kj, who officiated the wedding alongside Rich Sclafani, loved this imagery so much she asked me if she could use it for her unbelievably beautiful and well written story told at the wedding.  (I said I would probably call Kris a Pirate, though :)  So have a look here and prepare to get teary eyed!…Love Story

2 thoughts on “The siren and the sea king.

  1. thank you!! i would have loved to have heard this in your sweet clear voice, but i can imagine it.

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