Rehearsal dinner

There were quite a few more people at the rehearsal dinner, but I was having too much fun to take pictures of them!  The Riggio family very graciously hosted us at Prima Bistro in Langley.  The food, the company, the wine, the revelry, the children being babysat :)…I’ll admit to it being my favorite day of the weekend.  Lucy LAVISHED us with pretty golden twig necklaces and mossy gift baskets.  Which included honey sticks, poetry, journals that she wrote in gold ink “daydreams and memories”, lily of the valley soap (like her bridal bouquet) and little pixie dust vials of gold glitter.

(AND YES OLIVER DID SPILL ITS ENTIRE CONTENTS ALL OVER OUR VACATION RENTAL ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Hope the owner of the vacation rental imagines us flying to neverland when she discovers remnants of it in the creases of her couch!)

It was PURE magic.

Lucy was wearing a sparkly dress from All Saints.  I felt like such a paparazzi but I HAD to take pictures of her.  She is quite literally the essence of all things golden and goddess. And Kris.  Good grief.  All the ways in which I love my new brother deserve a blog post by itself. And the two of them together?  Shoot me.

Here is what I wrote in my little journal that night:

Lucy.  I’m too excited to sleep.  A younger sister watches her older sister through life wishing she could be like her, and watching her go before.  I have always seen you as the sweeter, prettier, more mature.  The one I have always admired and looked up to.  A little Bridget, starstruck by her Lucy. 

And then as fate had it, in marriage I went before.  And three kids later and 9 years of waiting for a special someone for you, this strange shift happened.  The sense of wishing I could be like, changed to wishing she could also have.

And then Kris. 

With all his Edwardian mysterious swagger.  A shimmer of light came over you when the two of you fell for each other.  And though time has passed, no amount of beauty has faded.  Tonight I feel as though I am once again that little sister looking up to you.  That you are going before all radiant and shining like a faerie queen.  You have found your one.

And I could not be happier, more in love with the two of you together, or starstruck to be in your presence.  Little Bridget for her Lucy.  And now for her Lucy and Kris!

Lucy the faerie Queen! And little Bridget in the bottom right corner :))

P.S. I was wearing the dress I made with my birthday sewing machine!  I was waiting for a very special occasion to finish it and and wear it.  I’m so so proud of it!

3 thoughts on “Rehearsal dinner

  1. OK, seriously, this is so, so, SO beautiful. a little teary over here. better than vogue magazine!! (you should expand this into an essay and send into vogue magazine. i’m serious.)

  2. I am savoring these posts from the weekend! Thank you for sharing!!! Love you. And Erin is right–your photos are superb!

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