The Raindrop.

Two nights before the wedding Lucy wanted to take me out and do something just the two of us “one last time.” My drink was called a Raindrop.  Lucy put this pic of me on instagram with the title “the calm before the storm.”  It only just dawned on me now how appropriate that title was.  This was the very first “raindrop” so to speak!  Luckily it only matched my sweater and not the weekend’s weather!  (I still can’t believe we had sun. That’s like a real miracle in the northwest!  Vampires be sparklin’ on Lucy’s wedding day!)20120430-210714.jpg
It was nice to have her to myself before the anxiety and excitement of the weekend. I’m never truly myself as when I am with Lucy.  Ah the humor and revelrie her company produces.  And the unabashed love only sisters can produce! (I am including Jamie in this.  Our magical marathons are one of my favorite things in life!)

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