of the chickies.

Been out and about with the kids! On sunday we went to Maltby.  I hope Oliver remembers how pretty the peacocks, how cute the brown bunny, and how blue the chicken eggs were at the farm.

And NOT being attacked by a duck.

But I think his Snoqualmie ice cream made it all better. He is big into colors lately and vehemently asked for GREEN!! (Mint chocolate chip).  I had lavender, Finn had orange, and Beau had Tennessee whiskey.  And all was right in the world.

side note: We were there to get some lavender ice cream for the bungalows the bridal wedding party is staying in this weekend on the island (per Lucy’s request).  OH DEAR LORD as if it wasn’t already going to be full of magic…now my favorite ice cream flavor, too!!  Although our little family will be staying in a beach cottage with Sharon and Sean, we definitely plan to be at the bungalows quite a bit.  (ssshhhh…don’t tell them it’s just for the ice cream!)20120424-232851.jpg

On tuesday we went to the Everett children’s museum.
I LOVE it there!  So many wonderful things to say and describe about it, but it really ought to be discovered for one’s own self. My favorite is the little theater exhibit.  I wish I had one of those!

Finn saw a marshmallow rope in the shop and we told him he couldn’t have it. He threw a royal fit over it and I told him if he really wanted one he could string a bunch of the white ones we had together and paint them with food coloring. So we did.

The boys also discovered the beauty of cardboard this weekend on a whole new level.  (Did you see Case’s car plane?  So cute!)  Finn made a cardboard train with boxes and tape, an airplane, and a robot.

Then he was all depressed because he thought that if he made a robot it would be his friend and be a real robot.  So Beau used his animatronic parts and made its head move.  But it could only say no.  Finn quickly asked him if it was a good robot…. and…it shook its head no.

It was by far the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

And last but not least, and the grand excitement of my boys, that has Finn yelling to passerbys in the street that “it is SUMMERTIME NOW!!” is that their grandparents’ pool is finally heated. I know we are lucky ducks.  I do not deny it in the slightest.  We paired this dip with a lovely roasting of marshmallows.  I still can’t believe that day was 70 degrees and I got a freckle filled tan.  What happened to the sun?

Q4U: Have any favorite places to take your kids?  Do share!

3 thoughts on “of the chickies.

  1. I had to leave a comment because that bit about the robot had me laughing out loud! :) Your boys are so adorable. I absolutely loved playing in cardboard boxes and making pretend trains with my older sisters growing up. Such a magical time in life!

  2. I can’t wait until we can get these boys together again! And I can’t believe Beau just made the robots head move. I’m going to steal your marshmallow string idea. Fun! I love your creativity friend.
    Our current favorite place is actually many places here… anywhere we can play in the river.

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