The girls are going out on the town.
We’re supposed to wear our most vintage attire. Pinup vintage. I’m not even really sure what that means but I think RED lipstick fits the bill. 20120421-104325.jpgBeau told me that I don’t really need to get ready until tonight but I will take any excuse to wear red lipstick all day! He also told me that if I get into trouble with the police to call him with my one phone call and he’ll come pick me up.

Ok, Beau.  And don’t worry. I may seem like a bachelorette tonight, but I’ll still be wearing this:

It was my Grandmother Beth’s.  It’s almost exactly 100 years old.  And not quite so much vintage as antique, but I think it counts! (I’m also really excited about it because it hasn’t fit for a couple years!)

Q4U Have any heirlooms you love?

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