Underneath the camellia tree my honey and me…

I’m in love
with this photo.

When we first moved in, this tree was a tiny shrubbish tree.  It had no flowers.  I knew it was a camellia and pictured the more rose-ish kind.  I trimmed it way down and expected nothing very spectacular.  But then that spring I had maybe 5 blossoms on it and to my surprise they looked like tropical hibiscus!  I discovered this species was called Camellia Japonica.  It quickly became one of my favorite flowers ever!  Then that same summer I saw a GIANT camellia trained to grow way up high and trimmed at the base so that the branches looked like a magnolia or banyan.  My mom told me I could do the same with mine and probably even train it to grow over our walkway.  My dad helped me prune it last year to raise the skirt, and this year…WOW.  The thing is MONSTROUS and COVERED in blossoms.  It makes me SO happy!Finn was in the tree as I was pruning the other day.  The following conversation took place…

f: “Should you let Daddy help you?”

b: “Why would I need Daddy to help me?”

f: “Because you’re a girl.”

b: “Girls are strong!”

f: “Are you sure?”

Oh dear.

Q4U How do you feel about letting your kids do dangerous things?  Climbing trees, playing with a pocket knife, walking in the neighborhood by themselves…  Is our society too buttoned up? Is there a need for autonomy in our children’s lives? Or is it important to keep them safe?  Beau and I disagree about how much we should allow Finn to do.  I’m a stay in the back yard kind of mom and I think he’d let Finn walk to the candy store by himself.  It’s weird because I was always given TONS of freedom as a kid and nothing ever happened, and Beau was held at gunpoint on a walk without his parents!  How do you parent (or how would you parent), and how do you think it was shaped by your upbringing?

4 thoughts on “Underneath the camellia tree my honey and me…

  1. I am more like you…keep it to the backyard. I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard the F-bomb fly from neighborhood kids. Not to mention I was TOTALLY exposed to pornography as a child going to neighbors houses. Also, when I was 11 my friend and I always walked to a nearby convenience store to buy a pop and candy. I ended up being followed home by some weird guy who began stalking me! The scariest ordeal of my life! He found out my name and phone number some how and would call my house, he watched me get on and off the school bus and a couple times tried to run me over with his truck. Back then there were no stalking laws in place (I’m 33 now so obviously that was a LONG time ago) so when the cops caught him all they could do was let him off with a warning. I was thankful to move back to Colorado a few months later. Who knows what would have happened.
    I think as parents we need to always use caution. There are a lot of demented people out. We need to have a healthy balance as to what is protecting our kids and being paranoid and of course pray for God to protect them always! :-)

  2. That is such a good question. My husband is a cop and hearing the stories and living where I live makes me very protective and worried way more then I ever though possible. I get nervous about my kid doing things like knives and potentially harmful things when he is around me but I tell him. Hey can you not do that when it’s just us. Wait until dad is home. He gets to do it and I get to walk away so I don’t have to see what is going on and live in worry and fear.

  3. B: that is CRAZY! How frightening for you. Do you still get nervous about being stalked?

    T: I’m the same! Let the boys have their fun… Ha!

  4. Oh, I am a bit more paranoid now and try not to go to many places alone. Especially things like going on walks alone. That kind of scares me. For the most part though I have gotten over a lot of that fear. Took me YEARS to get here, but I did it! :-)

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