Rose Meringue.

Egg white, sugar, and chocolate.
The French know what they’re doing.
20120420-204418.jpgI didn’t mix it quite long enough to form stiff peaks, and I absolutely admit to accidentally using granulated sugar instead of confectioners at first! But in the end they turned out ce’st magnifique! I can’t wait to have a couple with coffee tomorrow morning. (what’s left of them…I never knew how ridiculously delicious these things were when warm and chewy and gooey. Wow.) 20120420-204433.jpgI am now going to put the yolks in my hair. Ramona Quimby age 8 style.

Q4U: What little treat have you indulged in lately?

One thought on “Rose Meringue.

  1. I was thinking about your biscotti last night, these look just as good. Tonight I indulged in half a bar of Theo’s Salted Almond Chocolate. Have you ever tried?

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