Cook club.

I had to post this picture for Sharon.  She shared a yummy chipotle shrimp tostada recipe the other day.  It looked so delicious I wanted to whip something up similar with what I had on hand.  Chipotle, lime, cilantro, avocado…YUM!

In the last few years I’ve really begun to relax in the kitchen.  I used to get so stressed out, especially when we had company, that I couldn’t enjoy the people I was with or the food I was making!  That’s not to say I don’t still get stressed out (because now there are other factors…like three kids!) but overall I’ve really started to enjoy myself.

Some things that have made cooking swell: I love being able to read other people’s reviews and if I crave a certain dish, just pick the highest rated one!

Pinterest: A recent discovery, this is generally based on what looks most visually pleasing.

Safeway Delivery: I’ve done it so much now that they’ve got all my past items stored and all I have to do is click on the items I’ve run out of.  And if I have a list of items I need for a recipe I just search for them in the search bar and add them to my cart.  It is SO worth the money to me to have it delivered to my door and not have to search for stuff down the aisles.  Grocery shopping with 3 kids is insane, and I always end up spending more money because there’s so many distracting items for the kids and for me.  (Although I DO love going to Trader Joes and the PCC.  Heaven help me, a new whole foods just went into Lynnwood!)

Cooking shows: Specifically Giada, Ina, and Jamie.  They’ve really taught me how to cook, how to enjoy the entire process from inspiration to buying ingredients to being with friends, and I love their personalities..they feel like friends!

Beau had a brilliant idea yesterday.  He said we should start a cook club.  Like a book club but with recipes.  You take turns picking a recipe a week and everyone makes it in their own homes.  Then you’d talk about what did and didn’t work, variations, take a picture… I guess you’d essentially blog about the experience.  Then you could get together once a month to eat together at a restaurant and enjoy NOT having to cook, but some yummy cuisine.  The recipes could be anything…a dinner or a dessert or something frou frou like meringues.  I think the more difficult, the more funny the outcomes could be.  If someone burned something or their souffle turned out flat that would only add to the fun.  No shame or judgement!  I think it could be SO FUN!

Q4U. What’s your favorite thing to cook?  What’s something difficult you’ve made that you’re proud of? What’s something you’ve made that turned out terrible?

11 thoughts on “Cook club.

  1. Bridget, my friend has a cookbook club and it works like this: every other month, she chooses a different cookbook. They meet on a Sunday in the late afternoon and everyone has made one dish from that book. They eat all afternoon until they are stuffed! It’s cool because they get to try different dishes from one book to see if they like it…they borrow or get the book from the library. :)

  2. Ina’s chocolate ganache cake is seriously delicious and beautiful! Have you ever tried it?! I also like to try things from Orangette (Molly’s book is a wonderful read). That girl likes to eat and her food is lovely.

  3. Becky: I haven’t tried it. Sounds divine! I’ll check out Orangette, thank you for the suggestion!

  4. I like the cook club idea. I think we should try some fun ones like a flaming dessert, a cake with something baked inside, and turducken (haha).

  5. Amber. Yes! You are totally tracking with me, woman. Do you want to volunteer one of your ducks? Ha!

  6. I made Coq au Vin a few months ago and was pretty proud of that accomplishment :) Such fun ideas… i love food!

  7. Your chipotle shrimp variation looks sooooooo good. And I love Beau’s Cook Club idea… if you start one I’ll join! It’s funny, I can pinpoint the moment I learned that food could be amazing and that I should keep an open mind about it….when I tried your mom’s Pesto Pasta. Haven’t been a picky eater since!

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