Ferns, violets, trillium, forget me nots and green goddess lilies! I love this sheet so much I think I’m going to make curtains out of it. Or throw pillows. It has a few stains but that, along with its fresh green woodland motif, are perfect for a house of boys! Floral,(but not too too floral), hodge podge and sweet!

Finn immediately got up onto the table under the sill and said, “Hey! It look like where you sing!”


Like a stage! Heavenly.

They also look terrifically Von Trapp! Like I took their clothes and sewed them back into curtains.

They’ll probably end up in the play room but for now they’re just what I need. The fiddleheads will soon be bracken!!

Q4U: what’s your favorite flower? (when I was a little girl mine was trillium! I used to go explore in the ravine by our house and once dug one up and tried to plant it in our garden)


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