My housemates.

Is in love with the pink power ranger. Sorted all his Easter candy into plastic bags and tried to sell them to us so he could afford a trip to Disneyland. Notices when I have a good hair day and mentions it.

The sneaky and mischievous one, always makes us laugh. Is advanced with colors, and if you ask him what something is he’ll go, “uuuuuh…gween!” or “uuuuuh…bwoo!” or “uuuuuh…!” Loves chocolate and the word MINE.

Will be the perfect teeny travel companion. Has a certain something about his looks that reminds me of a lost boy. His head feels like a baby bunny. I call him Hare for short.

Suggested my cake be pink inside. Asked me if I was a tribute when I wore my hair in a braid. Whistles in the shower. Last night told me I am his best friend.

Q4U What’s something you love about one of your housemates?

2 thoughts on “My housemates.

  1. Well I have 8 housemates and to list something about each one may take awhile because to pick one thing I could not do. But I can say that everyone has the best sense of humor,granted that they are all different but some how it meshes well together. I love the questions that you are asking,very fun!=)

  2. I love that. A good sense of humor is so important! Especially with people you’re around all the time!

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