New contacts.

I love the drive. 20120415-051256.jpg

I replaced my glasses with contacts this week and got a new prescription after 10 or so years, SPECIFICALLY anticipating driving through Italy. I was bugged by not seeing well in Scotland and pretty much decimated when I lost my prescription sunglasses in a cairn.  Now suddenly every experience feels brand new. Crystal clear prismatic peripheral.

One of my favorite drives is down to Beau’s parents.  Sometimes it can be just another freeway slog, but when I hit it just right it’s spectacular. And with contacts?  WOW.

The view of the city from the ship canal bridge, bright and brilliant above a lake littered with sailboats, the glimpse of both mountain ranges looming above multicolor green dotted hillsides. The plunge down beneath the skyscrapers, and shooting out and around to a perfect head on view of our enormous Mount Raineer. And then the wide open expanse of sky and deciduous overlooking the valley. It’s really quite breathtaking.

Every time I make the drive it’s a little different. Drive a great distance for an hour or two and you’ll see weather changes and cloud formations and an easter egg dye smorgasbord of sky colors. Yesterday it was bright blue with puffy white clouds in recognizable shapes on the way down, and chartreuse leaves lit up by a pink and violet sunset on the way back. Oliver said, “Sky! Cute!” I suppose it was!

As we pulled up to our house the light show had left one feather streak of white cloud against a downy splay of pink. It looked like a quill on a parchment sky. I’d like to know what it wrote.

The eye doctor said I would notice leaves on trees and blades of grass again. I had to laugh when I noticed the grass growing on this wood shed roof that very day. Hobbiton? 20120415-085924.jpg

Q4U Ever seen something amazing in the sky? Cloud formation/incredible color/star? Do you have a favorite drive?

4 thoughts on “New contacts.

  1. I saw a cloud that looked like a mushroom while sitting on your mil’s deck yesterday. I LOVE the drive from my house to my grandparents cabin in Purdy!

  2. Remember Glamor shots? I wonder if they still do those! Seems pretty unnecessary when there’s so many iPhone filters to make you look pretty!

    Lissa: I love that! I love mushrooms. Except for when they’re in my mouth!

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