Reason #57 why it’s comical I don’t have girls.

I knew how to Dutch braid before Katniss made it cool.

Q4U Do you have a knack for something that is pretty much worthless buy gives you a twinge of pride?

6 thoughts on “Reason #57 why it’s comical I don’t have girls.

  1. braids are so CHIC right now. (and yes, even before katniss.) i’ve seen dozens of cool girls here wearing them. you’re ahead of the curve!

  2. I can design fresh flowers. My favorite part of working in the floral business was the flower truck that came each morning loaded with fresh flowers of every kind. You pick and choose what you want! I could have spent all day in that truck!

  3. e: here, too! I was giggling on Easter because the Katniss braid across the back of the head and to the side was a fashion statement more than one girl decided to make at church that morning!

    Christy: I want to go flower shopping with you, pick all our favorites, and learn how to arrange them! I’m going to make that happen someday.

    Sharon: if I ever get one I’m going to make you give me lessons. I think that is so cool!!

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