It’s a big shades and polka dots kind of day.

It’s nice to have a friend
who feels the same way about these things.


Our little beach town’s slogan is “it’s an Edmonds kind of day.” We love it. To me it means: quirky, old fashioned, sunny, and cute! A bit like Sharon:) Actually, the son of the woman who made that slogan up was a high school sweetheart of Sharon’s. She’s well connected to some of the more random things in this town. I love hearing her small town tid bit stories!

Q4U have you ever worn the same thing as someone by accident? (my sister once wore the same dress as the bridesmaids at a wedding!)

4 thoughts on “It’s a big shades and polka dots kind of day.

  1. I loved romping around Edmonds in oversized glasses and dots with you today!


    My grandparents used to color coordinate every day on purpose! However, my Grandpa was a buyer for Nordstrom, might explain a little.


    Answer: my younger sister, Mary, and I go shopping a lot together and are always buying the same things. It’s comical how many times we show up to events in the same outfit or accesories. I also have a simialr style as Sean’s sister and we both wore reddish skirts and the same sweater to the Nutcracker this year! I think “similar fashion sense” must be a friend pre-requisite for me : ).

    Q4U: Was it Lucy or Jamie?

  2. Christy: that cracks me up. You even have the same name-ish!

    Sharon: I almost wrote about your Carrie post, too. I wonder if we dress the way we think the other friend will like to see us and then end up looking like them. Ha!

    It was Lucy, and it was during the 90’s at our cousin’s east coast wedding. A bright, floral, jumper with a matching frilly headband. She’s dressed exactly like the bride’s sisters in the family photos. It looks completely planned.

    Maryann: ;) thanks!

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