Lake Distict Vicariously.

A couple of my friends went on a Lake District adventure in the UK this week. Kellie posted some pictures and there was one particular picture of Erin that was FANTASTIC. I want to be in her purple boots! 20120413-224230.jpgI commented on her wall,


…and the following ensued.20120413-224026.jpg
Beau’s mom took the picture. I can’t stop laughing about it! We found the whole thing quite comical.

Anyway…Kellie and Erin stayed in a place called The Drunken Duck. Sounds divine! Except for this photo Kellie posted. WHAT on earth!!?? What do you suppose these guys were thinking of before they died?20120413-214646.jpg
Sweet dreams!

Q4U Have you ever pretended to be somewhere via eating/wearing/reading something that made you feel like you were there? What and where?

3 thoughts on “Lake Distict Vicariously.

  1. i am SO DELIGHTED, i can’t stop giggling, picturing the whole scene…and i love the result…someday we all must go to the duck, it was perfection!! (hyena heads and all)

  2. Erin: I’m do glad you loved it! It sounds so deliciously quirky!

    Dan: yes! Beau’s not going either because he’s going to a men’s retreat, but it would be the perfect weather for it! Imagine 60’s and sunshine!

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