Au naturel.

On palm Sunday we made our own natural Easter egg dye.20120402-074534.jpg
Some of our ingredients worked better than others, and some didn’t work at all because I didn’t boil them long enough. But the desired effect, having fun with the boys, was absolute perfection. We picked and cut and smashed and boiled together. Finn used a big knife for the first time. Here he is trying not to smile and look cool with his knife…20120402-081104.jpg
The boys kept peeking in the fridge to watch their progress. Finn kept whispering, “I love you eggs.”

As we left the house to go celebrate Palm Sunday with my family Finn asked, “Did you lock the door?” yes. Why? “I don’t want anyone to come into our house and take our eggs.”20120402-075553.jpg
Yesterday was so special. Sun, though cold, and a dynamic blue sky. We barbecued with just the original Spiro 5 (+ my kids). Everyone was happy. Everyone was excited about something. Wedding, mermaid shower, Beau’s return, learning addition, world travel… I think Spring is bursting forth from our very hearts!

And Harry gave lots of smiles.20120402-075932.jpg

Last night I got the best sleep I’ve had in ages (one of you must have prayed for me after my last post), the boys woke up to beautiful pastel eggs for breakfast, and we leave in 3 and a half hours to pick Beau up from the airport. It feels like Easter came early!!

2 thoughts on “Au naturel.

  1. ummm i think finn and i need to wear our grey sasquatch shirts together one of these days. (mine is technically a yeti but i got it’s canadian so i still call it a sasquatch.)

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