friday afternoon

I had every intention of making a self portrait of myself in my house after watching The Royal Tenenbaums. After many frustrating drafts I came to realize that a bit of whimsy and imagination were required.  The robin is in this picture because I am reading The Secret Garden!

I wore a red polka dot dress yesterday.  It made Harry’s eyes look violet.  Then I realized that he really does have a very faint violet rim around his eyes.  I think it’s the start to what will end up being brown.  His hair is coming in more and more, a medium brown.  It’s making him extra fuzzy and I love it.  He is the softest baby out of my three.

Maryann made me a delectable organic salad for dinner last night and we watched Enchanted April.  She took this photo of Harry and I.  He laughed for the first time while the girls were in the villa garden in Italy.  I think Harry will love being in the villa garden in June!

Ben Weatherstaff calls daffodils “daffydowndillies.” 
I had to paint some after that description!

3 thoughts on “friday afternoon

  1. Robins always remind me of you. Whenever I hear that “Rocking Robin” song, I imagine you singing a slower acoustic verision, and it sounds much prettier to me! I’m so happy there is one in your self portraint : ).

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