Two color palates were shown to me yesterday.

1. My mom’s color palate a friend made out of paint chips for her 20 years ago. It was fun to see where we match up. I think my coloring fits somewhere between winter and fall and hers are more fall because our hair is different, but even just holding my arm up to the palate made my skin look vibrant instead of sallow. Amazing! Now I want a palate of my own! And a palate of color no nos. it would be nice to have a reminder!


2. A list of natural items to make Easter egg dye! My friend Janna sent me this link. I can’t wait to try it! I am going to do blueberries, beets, cumin, carrots, spinach, and pansies. Finn is SUPER excited. Especially after seeing this video.


The egg picture is from

Now…isn’t it sort of fascinating that my mom’s palate and the egg palate are so similar? Earthy natural tones. It got me thinking about what natural items in nature could make up the dye that makes our own colors. Not only in sight, but in personality and theme, too. In the things we have our hands in every day. Is my mom the blush pink of the rose petals from her garden? The slate blue of the sea out her window? The olive green of the salads she eats every day? I am going to mull this over (like an egg in a hot vinegar dye solution) and come back to it soon.

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