Tomorrow is always fresh.

I JUST REALIZED the fabric I chose for my dress (that I had actually put on before Finn brought me Anne of Green Gables to watch for the first time in a couple years, no lie.) is the same as Anne’s in the beginning of the movie!! Great costume designers think alike!

(original post) 7am This morning a buck naked Finn came to me holding a dvd in his hands. He handed it to me and whispered, “The Gateway.” I think he means Anne of Green Gables, but I love his adaptation. It was as if he said,

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”

We are currently watching it while eating frozen blueberry eggos. The boys are being darling and we’re already dressed. It’s already a good day! Time to go through the white way of delight!

One thought on “Tomorrow is always fresh.

  1. I use to put in Anne of Green Gables whenever I was feeling particularly stressed or depressed to help cheer me up. Let’s just say I have seen Anne of GG more than I can count! ;-)

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