A runon sentence account of a day-in-the-life, also known as MONDAY. (Skip ahead to the farm picture.)

Today started out painfully slow. We were in our pajamas half the day.  Finn was especially full of demands. Not regular milk, COCONUT milk! Oliver asked for Daddy several times. They attacked me with lasers. I asked them to help me to clean up the house and Finn said, “I just want to play and have FUN!” 20120327-071942.jpgThey both snacked so much on cheese they wouldn’t eat their cucumber cardamom sandwiches. So I told them they couldn’t eat anything BUT those sandwiches until dinner. I weeded a tiny bit of the garden. I told Jamie on the phone that I was weeding and she came over right away.

“I am so glad you’re weeding.”
“why because it looks so bad?”
“no. Because I thought you said you were bleeding.”

Jamie took us to a farm! It took an hour to get there because we went the wrong way. Oliver and Finn both begged for Jamie’s apple all the way there and all the way back. I held firm. I made nachos with lots of veggies. Finn ate all his chips and Oliver ate all his veggies. Jamie watched the boys so I could FINALLY take a shower. (it had been two days). Then ALL the boys took a bath because they were near a pig pen and Finn had dumped dirt on Oliver’s head. Finn had to get out early for squirting Oliver in the face. Then we watched silly symphonies snuggled up in my bed. Then I got angry with Oliver for squirming away as I was putting on his brace. And Finn tripped and hurt his hand. And all three boys started crying at the same time and I yelled, “Everybody STOP crying!” and two of them did. It took 2 hours for them to fall asleep. Oliver screaming for me to wipe his nose, and then for Daddy to wipe his nose, and then for Finn to wipe his nose. Finn said he was afraid of the dragon. Harry cried the whole time because I kept having to wipe a nose and tend to a dragon. Then, finally, they did all fall asleep. And then Harry had projectile vomit all over my bed because I ate cheese.

Today felt rushed, hectic, and stressful. I miss Beau. But I know army wives would tell me to suck it up. Finn’s new favorite thing to say to me is, “calm down.” So I will.

I told you to skip ahead!

Here are some of Jamie’s pictures from the farm. My favorite was the giant pig. It was so frightening and grunty and gross!20120326-204016.jpg

3 thoughts on “A runon sentence account of a day-in-the-life, also known as MONDAY. (Skip ahead to the farm picture.)

  1. This post deserves a comment because we moms all have days like this, with perhaps just a change of details. Carry on Warrior!

  2. I LOVE THIS! You are incredible! And I love how Spiro came over to your house right away. Oh man.
    I must confess I told John that Beau was out of the country. For a week. And you are the bravest mama i know. You are so blessed to have family near by but we al know you do the 24/7 work. I would have had meltdowns. Several.
    Oh and Zoey pukes when I eat cheese too! Crazy! I had a dream she projectile vomited all over me! Haha.

    Oh wow. This post was just so great. Thanks for sharing your journey. I love it!


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