uw cherry trees

Yesterday’s weather forecast showed that it was going to be the last sunny day for a long time.  And the University of Washington cherry tree forecast showed it was going to be the first weekend with blossoms.  It was pretty much essential that we make the trek.  This year I brought my dad with us.  It was so perfect to have him there!  He brought his alumni street smarts (I always get confused in U district streets and on that big campus!), his ever best friendship with Finn, and his camera.  The results were a relaxing, beautiful, darling experience for me.  Is there anything as sweet as children climbing mossy branches among pink fluff?  That is what I got to see everywhere I looked on this Sunday afternoon in the quad.  (The collage pics are my instagram shots, and the rest are my dad’s.  It was so nice to not feel the need to document and just enjoy!!)

3 thoughts on “uw cherry trees

  1. Wonderful photos. I always forget about going to the U for this great yearly wonder. OYE! The boys are so handsome. And to think your father scolded me about our Josh and Dan climbing trees at Bible Fellowship in Ventura LOL!

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