This morning when I talked with my friend Juliana on the phone it was 85 degrees in Indiana. She was having a play date with a kiddie pool. Lucky! Also, she got to go to the Hunger Games with friends last night and made little berry tarts and played games and ordered pizza. It seems like I’ve got a baby attached to me for all the best premieres! Not complaining (I love living vicariously through Juls’ hilarious diatribes and lovely ruminations)…but I was just feeling a teeeensy bit cooped as I laid in the sun through the window.

And then…20120323-154739.jpg

First freckles of the season! Yippeeee!! Nevermind that it’s 50 degrees out. When you’re aching for warmth as badly as we are, you pretend it’s sprinkler and tanning weather.

(With my oh so fashionable Spanx brand swim skirt…let’s just squeeze every last drop of stretched out skin and flabulous derrière in there, please.)20120323-160604.jpg

Update: Juliana’s area had a tornado today after I wrote this! She actually went outside and took pictures of it. No biggie…?!?!?!! Guess I won’t be envying her weather quite so much after all :/

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