Harry*6 weeks tomorrow.
*He’s already 75th percentile in weight with only 30th in height.  All my babies have been little round blobs of blub!
*Harry’s hair is lightly coming back in a lovely rose brown where it fell out.  My mom’s baby book says that her hair had a “reddish cast” to it.  That’s exactly how I would describe Harry’s.
*He has Beau’s low cheek bones and dark circles under his eyes.  I love them.  He always looks a little sad, which tugs at my heart!
*He’s started smirking a teeny bit.
*Finn and Oliver literally smother him with kisses.  Poor Harry turns purple during one of Oliver’s more loving moments.
*He takes long naps and gives me a couple 4 hour stretches in a row at night.  I usually sporadically sleep about 5 or 6.  It’s no way to live, but I’ll take it!
*I’ve discovered that he’s much happier if I cut out wet and soft dairy.  I forgot the other day and had a pear and blue salad.  He fussed and spit up after every feeding!

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