“Leaning into the afternoons I cast my sad nets towards your oceanic eyes.” ~Pablo Neruda

On the drive to and from Portland I started playing around with Instagram using pictures of our family’s eyes.  It made 4 hours feel like 1!  I’ve always been so intrigued and a little obsessed with eye color.  I was so impatient to find out what color eyes our kids would have.  My mom and dad’s families ALL have blue eyes.  All except for my mom.  She has hazel-ish green.  And because of that all of her daughters have green, too!  Finn had the same color eyes as Harry when he was born.  Then they turned green, then hazel, then as I discovered yesterday… heather brown.  Sad!  I was really hoping they’d be the same as mine.  Mine are a mixture of blue and yellow with brown flecks which looks hazel or green depending on the light.  Oliver’s are midnight brown.  They are so deep and dark you can see your reflection in them.  Like two polished lava stones.  Beau has Horner’s syndrome so he has two different colored eyes.  One light brown, and one golden yellow with green bits in the rim. (I was laughing about Beau being a vampire after reading twilight :)  It gets lighter and more greeny yellow as he gets older.  I’m hoping for his eyes to be as noticeably different as David Bowie someday.  I think it’s so pretty!  And Harry.  He has eyes the color of the sea on a stormy day. In the sunlight they look like dull sapphires.  His blue eyes are what started this whole collage.  I love them!  And they’ll probably eventually be brown so I’m getting lost in his “oceanic eyes” as much as I possibly can!

4 thoughts on ““Leaning into the afternoons I cast my sad nets towards your oceanic eyes.” ~Pablo Neruda

  1. That is amazing the different colors you all have.
    We have a brown and a blue and a green and a yet to be decided :D Can’t wait to see what happens with our latests eyes. They are so fascinating. It’s like a little piece of the puzzle of who they will become that we get to wait for just a little longer for :D

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