My friend Finn

This boy is so precious.20120317-074511.jpg He’s decided that because he doesn’t have a sister, I am his sister. It makes for some very tender moments, as well as some silly: Like when I try sending him to his room and he sweetly says, "You go to your room, honeybee. You’re just a little girl. Beepa is your daddy.”

Oh dear.

I asked him the other day who he thought I love the most. (so I could say, “I love you all the same.”) But he was quick to point to Oliver. I asked him why.

“because he’s a beautiful creature.”

I told him that he was a beautiful creature, too. He held my face in his hands and said tenderly, “aaaw. You’re a good girl.”

We made up a game called box ball last night. We took a bat and ball and a box outside. I had to try to throw the ball into the box and he had to try to hit it with the bat. He hit the ball 15 times in a row. He was so adorably proud of himself. And I was genuinely extatically impressed…and very verbal about it.

It was one of those moments in motherhood where you can step out of it all and see that this moment in time transcends. It will last me through many exhausted evenings, and through to when I someday have an empty nest. We had this together and it was beautiful and worth all the rest.

He wanted extra snuggles with me before bed after that. I took his hands and said, “let’s be friends forever.”

He touched his nose to mine, and just like his mama does when she can’t contain her happiness, he went “eeeeeee!”




3 thoughts on “My friend Finn

  1. many times i’ve been mistaken for my dad’s sister. just sayin’…precious. such a special relationship!

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